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10 easy tips to style a master bedroom

1. Beautiful bedside tables

A key feature in your bedroom interior design; bedside tables must of course match and be in keeping with the rest of the bedroom interiors. Don’t fall in love with shabby chic bedside tables and cross your fingers hoping that they’ll blend with your otherwise modern, minimalist design - it won’t work! Additionally, opt for bedside tables with enough storage so that you can declutter the surface.

2. Seriously stylish bedside lamps

There are a range of bedside lamp styles to choose from so pick the one that will aid you in achieving the right look for the room. Desk style, anglepoise lamps are extremely versatile, working in a variety of bedroom styles and can be adjusted for your convenience.

3. Accessories for the bedside

Dress your bedside table with carefully-considered accessories, candles/diffusers and flowers. We recommend arranging accessories into sets of 3, and in varying heights, so as to formulate a triangular grouping (triangular compositions create a sense of stability, balance and serenity). Achieve this by using a high lamp and 2 accompanying accessories lower in height, such as a photo frame and candle or diffuser.

4. Aromatic candles

Style your bedroom with quality scented candles and diffusers, adding that touch of indulgence to your bedroom interior design. We love fragrances from The White Company and Jo Malone and recommend using lavender scents to invoke a glorious sense of relaxation.

Remember, interior design is not just about visual impact but also other sensory influences; our sense of smell has a powerful effect on how we relate to a certain environment.

5. Radiant florals

The use of flowers in your bedroom interior design can add a pop of colour to what may be a neutral interior scheme. Florals add texture and allow you to change the style of your room easily.

6. Stunning headboards and padded walls

Headboards make magnificent statement features in your bedroom interior design. We recommend using high headboards in smaller rooms to create the illusion of amplitude, upholstered in lightly coloured fabrics so as not to close up the space. Opt for simple fabrics if you like to change the style of your bedroom frequently; rather, alter other components such as wallpaper and accessories to give your bedroom its makeover.

7. Mirrors

An important feature of bedroom interior design, mirrors can be used to make a room feel larger by adding an illusion of depth. Rounded mirrors can also bring personality and an abstract element to the design.

8. Personality

Style your bedroom with a gallery of prints, above and around the headboard, in a range of quantities. Groups of 3 small prints are often effective, or a set of 2 larger prints can have a striking impact.

9. Cushions, bedspreads & throws

Only ever opt for premium quality bedding as it will ensure a heavenly night’s sleep - an essential element in any bedroom design (we recommend The White Company). Choose neutral, plain bedding and then style your bedroom with accessories such as bedspreads, cushions and throws.

Layer your bedding to add that feeling of luxury; use a bedspread as well as a throw for a beautiful, quality look of comfort and style, and a combination of plain and patterned cushions in varying sizes to add depth to the bed and an air of indulgence.

10. Wow factor wallpaper

You can instantly transform the whole look of your bedroom by introducing feature wallpapers behind the bed. Bold colours or textures can make a powerful impact and revitalise your bedroom interior design (plus they don’t require huge investment and are easy to change)!

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