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Whether it's tenanted or vacant, here at Connect we're the only estate agent in your area that specialises in selling landlords properties at current market value with no sale - no fee outcome!

The process

Conveyancing is very time consuming and complex, so you will need to employ either a solicitor or a licensed conveyancer to do it for you.

Here are our top tips on choosing and using a conveyancer…

  1. Get quotes or ask your estate agent for recommendations.
  2. Tell your conveyancer if you want answers to any specific questions in advance
  3. Let them know when you would like to exchange contracts and complete. Tell them you will require regular updates of how the sale is progressing

Once you have appointed a conveyancer, you will need to…

  • Give them some basic information to get started such as your mortgage roll number - so they can check you own the property and proof of your ID
  • Complete a detailed questionnaire on the property, covering things like who owns the boundaries and whether you have had any disputes with neighbours. It is a legal requirement to answer truthfully
  • Complete a form showing what fixtures and fittings are included in the sale
  • Answer conveyancing queries as soon as you can. Use registered post or deliver documents by hand.

Exchange of Contracts is the last stage of the legal process after which a buyer cannot pull out (without losing their deposit).

A date for completion is usually set for at least two weeks after the exchange date, giving you time to arrange removals. Your conveyancer will call us once completion has taken place so we can release the keys to the new owner.

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