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5 Most Common Search Terms on Rightmove

Do you know the 5 most commonly searched terms on Rightmove?

The property portal Rightmove released its five terms with the highest searches, which reflects the desires of many prospective tenants who are looking for a rental property.

The data, collated in August 2022 shows that these features were highly desired by many tenants:


5 – Garden

Having any outdoor space has always been a priority to many homeowners, it was ranked the 4th most-searched term on Rightmove last year.

Though it has slipped to 5th, a garden space is always valuable to both tenant and landlord.


4 – Balcony

Similar to gardens, balconies provide a way to have an outdoor space even if you are not situated on the ground floor.

Regardless of their size, balconies have always been popular as they enlarge living space, and the term ‘balcony’ was even rated as the 2nd most-searched term last year.


3 – Furnished

Properties rented in a furnished state have remained at number 3 of the highest search terms, the same place as last year’s ranking.

A larger proportion of prospective tenants prefer to move into a property that is furnished as it is easier to move into, and a lot faster.

Furnished rental properties are also known to attract more students, graduates, and young professionals.


2 – Pets Allowed


Pet-owning tenants have likely faced the issue that many landlords are not willing to rent out their property to a tenant with pets due to the increased likelihood of damage.

As such, ‘Pets’ as a search term on Rightmove was ranked 2nd, down from 1st in last year’s rankings.
To aid pet owners find a property in the private rental sector, the Rental Reform White Paper proposed changes in legislation that forbids landlords to outright ban prospective tenants with pets from being considered for a tenancy, you can read the summarised version of the white paper here.


1 – All Bills Included

With the seemingly endless rising of utilities and rent alike, and the desire to find good value, many tenants prefer to have all of the bills consolidated into one figure so that they can get a more accurate idea of the cost of a particular property.

In addition, it also makes the process of paying bills a lot more convenient as everything comes out at once, rather than in small portions. These deals are usually agreed between the service providers and the landlord beforehand.

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