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Which of these 3 causes you the most pain with your
current estate management company?

Poor or lack of communication

66% of leaseholders felt the service from their current managing agent was poor.

Costs whether they are surging or unexplained

87% of leaseholders said they didn’t fully understand all the costs incurred.

Service or maintenance below average

62% of leaseholders felt the service offered by their managing agent had not improved over the last 2 years.
Connect UK are committed to providing you clarity, through regular communication, cost transparency and a high level of service giving you maximum value.

What's the best solution for you?

Whether you’re a freeholder, leaseholder, new to estate/property management or if you feel you’re wasting time, money and effort with your current service, now is the time to get what you need from a highly reviewed and rated company.

Here at Connect UK we have a multitude of solutions all tailored to your needs.

Fully Managed

  In-house building services fleet team - little to no waiting times

  Efficient and effective budgeting metrics (including debt recovery)

  Full quarterly breakdown reports

  No hidden charges or costs

  Onsite building services team(s) for larger accounts/sites

Which category of lease structure are you?

Tri-Party Lease

In this lease agreement there are three parties: They are the freeholder or landlord, the estate management company and the first leaseholder or property owner.

Two-Party Lease
A two-party lease is made up of an agreement between the freeholder or landlord and the first leaseholder or property owner
Unsure which one? We’re a friendly and approachable team.
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How to switch your estate management company


Notice Period
Check your notice period. This is ideal time for us to get everything needed in place for you.


Your Requirements
During that notice period we will have consulted all your needs and formed a requirement plan. Our consultation services are free and there is no-obligation review of your current requirements, such as your service charge budget and your financial position.


Meet The Residents
We’re happy to meet with your residents and gain an understand of issues faced and undertake a visual review. We guarantee to be open post an assessment. Whilst most wish to save money, a fresh start with Connect UK will yield a better service over time.


Smooth Transfer
Upon a successful signing of agreements, we will take the sting out of the transfer process and liaise with the outgoing agent to ensure a smooth handover of all relevant documents, keys, service charge funds and other relevant information.

Our success stories


The last agent poorly managed this block which left it in financial difficulty (over £18,000 worth of debt). Connect UK rejuvenated this commercial block and brought the debt up to date. Connect UK also budgeted for a reserve fund for this block so any maintenance issues that arise can be dealt with swiftly.

Richmond House

This unit of flats had been running at a loss for the last two years and maintenance jobs were delayed due to no funds available. Connect UK have brought the arrears up to date, put a reserve fund in place and have started to work on the outstanding maintenance to make the block more modern and up to date.

The Greenview

Connect UK took over this mixed precinct of commercial and residential units due to poor management. The previous agent over spent and budgeted poorly, missing out vital maintenance. We corrected the budget and are now saving on the maintenance issues that arise by using local contractors.

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