HMO property management

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The increased rental income and profit from HMOs allows the returns of HMOs to be significantly higher than if one was investing in single occupancy properties.
HMO (Houses in Multiple Occupation) are becoming increasingly popular for investors due to strong demand and, more importantly, extremely strong returns. HMO properties will usually achieve up to 3x higher rental yields than single lets and can provide excellent value accommodation for tenants.

At Connect, we provide a full HMO management service, taking all the stress away from you and generating a higher return on investment. We can help you from sourcing your HMO property to design stage, building/conversion, licensing and all the way to furnishing and management. 

Landlords of HMO fall into three distinct categories

Some property owners become HMO landlords by default rather than intention. This is common in parts of Central London, where someone may have bought a property primarily for the ground-floor shop or restaurant, only to inherit several tenants on the floors above.
HMO properties are also becoming a deliberate and popular choice with single-property investors as, proportionately, there is the chance to earn more from several individual tenants. However, the main drawback is that having more tenants means more work, and you also need to comply with the HMO regulations.
HMO properties are also specifically targeted by some investors who are building up property portfolios. We can help any investors to identify those properties best suited to their needs, and with the most income potential.

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