Legal Responsibilities: Gas Safety

Gas Safety

Rules and regulations state that every rented property must have a Gas safety Certificate in place in order to rent out the property, legally. This certificate represents the safety of all gas appliances within the property. Welcome to Connect UK’s ‘Landlord Academy’ – here to answer all your property questions. A CP12 or a Gas safety, as its more commonly known, is a legal requirement when renting out any property in the UK. This certificate is a document which lasts a year and requires to be renewed, annually. A registered gas safe engineer must carry out the check and they will produce a certificate. This certificate will outline the following:
  • A description of each appliance tested
  • Results of the safety checks carried out on each appliance
  • Any safety issues identified during the checks
  • Any action or work needed to ensure safety
  • Details of the engineer who did the checks, their signature and the date of the check
  • Details of the landlord and the property
Prices for a CP12 vary over the country and will also depend on the number of gas appliances within a household. Penalties for non-compliance of gas safety regulations are up to £6,000 for each offence, or six months in presentment, so do keep on top of it! Check out our other videos and remember to subscribe to our channel to become a property landlord expert!
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