Legislation changes favouring pet-owners to come among other legislation changes in private rental sector

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The long-awaited Rental Reform White Paper has been published at last and its contents are hoped to make the private rental sector fairer and less volatile towards tenants.

The name of the published document is ‘A Fairer Private Rented Sector’ and contains information on the abolishment of section 21 ‘no-fault evictions’, the changes to be made to section 8 and many other changes that are intended to rebalance the dynamic between tenant and landlord to a more abiding and just one.

One such legislation change is how pet ownership is to be easier and more common in rental properties, it states that tenants will be given the right to request a pet in their property, the landlord must consider which and ‘cannot unreasonably refuse’. In response, the landlord can request that their tenants buy pet insurance, this means that the power to control what occurs in their property is not removed from the landlord, but that tenants have more power to ask without being rejected unreasonably.

In addition to the pet changes, the Model Tenancy Agreement will have been revised to make it easier for pet-owning tenants to find landlords who will accept them. The intended effect of these revisions is to make a rented property feel more homely. By overcoming barriers that make it harder for tenants to personalise their living space once they have entered a tenancy.

Domestic pets have been proved to have a positive effect on owners’ physical and mental wellbeing by providing joy, happiness and comfort. The English Private Survey of 2021 revealed that 45% of landlords were unwilling to let to pet owners.

The core takeaway from this recent Rental Reform White Paper is that the private rental sector is desired to change its perspective on rental properties from a mere dwelling where landlords withhold power over the tenant and all times, to a more balanced situation where tenants have rights that they can call upon in order to make their rented property more like a home.

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