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Section 21 eviction ban by next election, pledges housing secretary

In an interview with the BBC, Housing Secretary Michael Gove announced that Section 21 evictions in England will be ‘Outlawed’ by the next general election, which can be no later than January 2025.

The controversial plan to abolish Section 21 ‘no-fault’ evictions has been met with both criticism and praise from different parties since its inclusion in the white paper “A fairer rental sector” in June 2022, and its original announcement in 2019.

The ban was later delayed indefinitely with representatives stating that the abolition could not proceed until ‘reforms were made to the justice system’ in October last year.

In reference to this, Gove claimed that “we will have put the money into the courts in order to ensure that they can enforce [the outlaw].”.

The Renters (Reform) Bill, which contains the abolition of Section 21, is currently in the House of Commons, undergoing further consideration, and has no set time of completion.

The bill contains the legislation to abolish Section 21, it is currently in the Report Stage in the House of Commons, where it will undergo further consideration before its final reading before proceeding to the House of Lords.

Under this bill, landlords in England will only be able to evict under certain circumstances, such as when wanting to sell the property or move a close family member inside the property.

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