How Landlords Uphold Healthy Boundaries

How Letting Agents Remove the Headache of Property Management

67% of landlords who joined us did so to alleviate the stress of managing their property directly.

The role of a landlord is often impeded and made more difficult due to the emotional attachment that they can have to a property and their tenants – making it harder to convey their rules and expectations clearly and effectively.

Through the use of a letting agent, this difficulty can be avoided, and boundaries can be set through the use of these steps:

1 – Clarity with Personal Boundaries of the landlord and tenant

We take the expectations of the landlord and convey them to the tenant, in the tenancy agreement, and verbally during the signing of the tenancy agreement. Meaning the tenant is clear on what is expected of them before they move in.

2 – Outline rules and expectations early

The tenancy agreement informs the tenant on how to be a responsible leaseholder. The expectations and rules of the landlord can be conveyed further in a welcome back or book of house rules. We also reach out to utility companies and other third parties to ensure that the tenant is paying when they need to.

3 – Address an issue immediately. And explain

Issues and disagreements are fairly common during tenancies. In the majority of these instances, the tenant is not trying to be malicious and so we will contact the tenant immediately and explain the issue and solve it before it can be repeated.

4 – Stand by the changes

In the rare instance where a tenant is being troublesome or is missing rent payments, we will tackle the issue immediately and chase the tenant to solve it before it becomes a bigger issue. This way, the landlord can be spared direct contact with the source of an issue and is given peace of mind.

5 – Trust the process

If you are becoming a more ‘hands-off’ landlord through the use of a letting agent or are just implementing new changes to how you manage your property, you must remember that this is your property and business, so you have the authority to make rules as you see fit and allow the letting agent to enforce them.

Through the use of a letting agent, a landlord can remove themselves from the direct management of a property and avoid uncomfortable conversations such as chasing rent or discussing an issue. Regardless of how you manage your property, whether you seek just rent collection from your letting agent or full management, there is always something to gain with the support of a letting agent.

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